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About Us

West Communications and Business Support Solutions (WCBSS) entered the market in 2007.  We are an integrated results-oriented development consultancy operating in the global development sector. Our focus is on social, economic and political issues of national and international importance.


With diverse industry experience and understanding of cross-cutting issues in agriculture, climate change, education, energy, environmental management, gender mainstreaming, social justice and rural development plus sanitation as well as gender mainstreaming, WCBSS has steadily grown and demonstrated its expertise using novel approaches, bravely entering unplanned markets and networking with other trained professionals to meet the needs of its clients.


WCBSS offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your communications, in addition to project development and management as well as business development needs. We remain at the cutting edge of development. Through our strategic alliances, we stand ready to provide the solution that is just right for our clients over the short or long term; small or large.

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