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Social and Behaviour Change Communications

Change is complex. Integrating various social and change models, we design, implement and evaluate evidence-based interventions in health, disaster risk reduction, community resilience, climate change adaptation, security, justice, agriculture and education.

Project Visibility and Event Planning

Executing at the highest levels, we plan and manage successful events such as national and regional conferences, meetings, launch events for corporations or for project visibility.

Knowledge Management

Moving your ideas from thought to informed actions, we identify, capture, document and disseminate experienced-based best practices and knowledge from development projects in the forms of videos, manuals, guidebooks.

Stakeholder Engagement and Participatory Planning

We approach communities as experts in their own rights and engage across the entire spectrum of the engagement continuum but always seeking to have the process at the highest possible level of citizen participation. We empower from the ground up to design and implement suitable solutions decided on by the community. #Partners  #NotJustBeneficiaries

Public Awareness

We build understanding and raise the profile of your brand through the targetted dissemination of project objectives, outcomes and impact.

Grant Writing

Looking for funds to implement your development project? By way of grant proposals, Requests for Application and Programme Estimates, we mobilise resources from major development partners, Trust Funds and Foundations internationally on behalf of Government, NGOs, CBOs and other civil society organisations.

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